About Us

RSA Electrical is a Full Service professional electrical company.

Rob Spick and Associates, RSA, has been in business in the province of British Columbia since 1991.

Rob Spick received his training at BCIT and apprenticed with a local Industrial electrical service company.

After working for several years with this company as an electrician, project supervisor and then Operations Manager, Rob Spick, with the support of his former company, set out to establish his own electrical business.

It has been a challenge and I am proud to say it has been a successful adventure to build my own company. We have built our reputation and business by focusing on service. Most of our work comes from word of mouth and established clients.

Good communication is a vital ingredient for any business and I pride myself on providing good communication to my clients and associates. You can talk to us and get real communication and real answers.

The world of business is fast paced these days with cell phones and internet so one has to be on top of the issues and aware of local and international affairs.

Work ethic and integrity are important to me and my crews. We are all connected in this global age so we do our best to work for the greater good, providing professional but economical and environmentally aware services.

We take the view that we are fully responsible for our actions and outcomes. Our survival is important, as is yours, your family and your associates. By working together we can create a better living and working environment.

We have done many different types of projects over the years. We are experienced and licensed to provide a wide variety of electrical services for residential, commercial or Industrial.

We can provide, and have done, everything from troubleshooting and small repairs and renovations on existing homes and buildings, to wiring new homes, and cottages, complete with solar panels, Inverters and generators, battery banks and alternative energy systems.

We also do wiring for existing or new commercial offices and warehouses.

Having been trained in Industrial services allows us to also provide industrial electrical services, including troubleshooting of equipment and manufacturing lines as well as full service design and installation for manufacturing facilities.

We are here to provide our service to you in a professional, friendly and competent manner.

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can contact us at any time by email or phone.


Robert Spick